An Award Show is a performance made in the context of an awards ceremony. It takes hundreds of helping hands to make corporate award shows spectacular. Why it is important to find right hands to make your event memorable? If you are looking for the high quality Award Show, the Great Wall Events will organize your event based on our long-term experience, and unique ideas in event industry. Our company always brings passion and professional flair to every experiential program we produce.


Organizing a concert can be incredibly nerve-wracking because of the potential for so many things to go wrong. In addition there are millions of details to take care of, such as booking the venue, renting the instruments and accessories needed by the performers and ensuring the stage is set up properly. If you have no previous experience in organizing concerts, it is better that you hire professionals to do it for you. Great Wall Events is a professional full-service event organizer with substantial experience in managing events of all kinds. We will take care of all the practical aspects of organizing a concert so that you can focus on taking care of the needs of your artists.


Great Wall Events would be blissful to organize your unique corporate party. Our team will individually select a party theme, venue, catering, décor and all other components to organize your party and make it memorable. As an experiential events company we will change the way you think about events. We create live media experiences that make a difference to your event marketing program, product launches and face-to-face communication.


Exhibitions are a great way to build awareness and good public relations for your company, but they can also be challenging to organize. You will have to devote a lot of time and resources to the exhibition, which can disrupt the daily routine of your office and affect productivity. In addition, if you choose to organize the exhibit in-house, the inexperience of the employees tasked to organize and manage it can result in the failure of the event. To ensure that you organize a successful exhibition, it is important that you hire experienced people to run it. Great Wall Events is professional in implementing your ideas with innovative solutions


Rigging and Staging

Great Wall Events provides complete set of rigging and staging equipments. We have an extensive stock of professional rigging equipment, fully equipped to handle all kinds of safety measures.


Whether your Corporate Event is in a dull ball room or in a stunning banquet hall, lighting will play a key role in providing the right ambience and mood. Great Wall Events provides the lighting solutions that every one admires and we will make that event unforgettable.


Planning a Concert or outdoor show? Great Wall Events will provide the solutions for your sound requirements. Our range of sound equipments includes the top-notch brands in UAE.

LED Screens

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor events? Great Wall Events have the premium screens that can match any of your requirements. From latest P3 to P10 screens, we have approximately 1000 LED screens. Our company has creative solutions for each of our valued clients.


Pixel pitch 3.91 mm is the latest screen that is available in U.A.E for indoor purpose. We have more than 400 P3 screen. The minimum viewing distance is 3 meters and it’s perfect to be used in different types of events.


Pixel pitch 3.91mm curved LED screen is the latest curved screen ideally suitable for such big events as Exhibitions and Concerts.


Pixel pitch 4.82mm is also our indoor LED screen where we have up to 250 The minimum viewing distance will be 4 meters and can be used for events such as Gala Dinners and Weddings.


Pixel pitch 8mm is our new outdoor LED screen. Great Wall Events can offer up to 250 screen with high resolution display and brightness.


Pixel pitch 10 mm is also for outdoor purpose where minimum viewing distance will be 10 meters. We have approximately 100 of P10 screen at a very reasonable price.


A Fashion Show is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase his or her upcoming line of clothing. It is significantly important to organize these kinds of event with the professional team. Great Wall Events is a full service event agency in Dubai specialized in organizing fashion shows. We are always providing a high quality service with the individual approach to each client. We believe that our reputation and admirable work help us to be one of the best event companies in the Middle East.


Are you planning to hold a festival to promote your business? Festivals can be a fun way to attract new customers but are also very challenging to organize, Let us help you! We are Great Wall Events, a professional event organizer based in Dubai with extensive experience in organizing festivals. We will ensure that your festival runs smoothly that you can devote your time to promoting your business and networking with potential clients.


Are you organizing a Gala Event? Let us help you! Great Wall Events is a professional Event organizer with years of experience. We will ensure that your Gala Dinner runs smoothly based on your requirements so that you can relax and spend your time entertaining your guests during the Event.


A product launch is a very important event for your company and can help spell the success or failure of a new product. Thus, it is very significant that the launch goes off without a hitch. But these events can be very difficult to organize, particularly if you have no previous experience. This is why it is important that you use a professional events organizer to manage your product launch. For such a prestigious occasion where risk is involved, let us do it for you. We will ensure that your event goes off smoothly so that you can focus on networking with potential customers and promoting your products.


Road show events may attract hundreds of prospective buyers interested in learning more about the offerings. The events may include multimedia presentations and question-and-answer sessions with several of the company’s officers present. Our team always ensures road shows are detailed to the specific needs of our customers. We always ready to share with our customers our unique experience and make your Road Show unforgettable.


A wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime event that will be one of the most meaningful days of your life. But organizing that perfect wedding can be stressful and leave you with little time to actually enjoy it. There are so many things to take care of. Why not avoid the stress and use the services of a professional to handle your wedding for you? An experienced organizer can handle the all the little details of your wedding so that you can simply relax and enjoy the day with your new spouse and your loved ones. Great Wall Events is specialized in organizing weddings. We will manage your wedding for you that you can enjoy your walk down the aisle.