Whether it’s indoor or outdoor events? Great Wall Events have the premium screens that can match any of your requirements. From latest P2 to P4 screens, we have approximately 1000 sq.mtr LED screens. Our company has creative solutions for each of our valued clients.


This lightweight cabinet is good for large and small Exhibition stands. It weighs only 8Kgs per cabinet. The 2.9mm HI RES LED screen is also perfect for Conferences and backdrops with a fantastic minimum viewing distance of 3mtrs. This screen is designed for Indoor screens which gives excellent contrast ratios and therefore excellent picture quality. Ideal for the Exhibition and Conference market, as well as prestigious product launches.


This User friendly cabinet is good for Large & small exhibitions stands, Wedding, Conferences. It weights with 6.8 kg, Ultralight and ultra slim. Adopt the latest anti-collision technology. Make a more stable cabinet during rental events. Fanless, Noise free, Easy Repair, Front & rear maintenance, Seamless stitching with our special connector design, It is easy to reduce gaps while installing and creating a perfect display.


This Cabinet is good for large and small exhibition stands, Car shows, Conferences, Weddings or any events, a high standard product with strong universality, which can be used both in Outdoor screen and Floor screen. The cabinet adopting the professional die casting design, the minimum pitch of 4.8mm can meet the requirements of stage for high-definition picture, which to show the stage style perfectly; it weighs with 7.5 kg and IP65 waterproof degree protect the screen out of accidentally spilled drinks and rain. It is a strong guarantee to run the activities.