Whether it’s indoor or outdoor events? Great Wall Events have the premium screens that can match any of your requirements. From latest P3 to P10 screens, we have approximately 1000 sq.mtr LED screens. Our company has creative solutions for each of our valued clients.

P3 LED Screen (50cm×50cm)

Pixel pitch 3.91 mm is the latest screen that is available in U.A.E for indoor purpose. We have more than 400 Sq.mtr P3 screen. The minimum viewing distance is 3 meters and it’s perfect to be used in different types of events.

P3 Curved LED Screen(50cm×50cm)

Pixel pitch 3.91mm curved LED screen is the latest curved screen ideally suitable for such big events as Exhibitions and Concerts.

P4 LED Screen (57cm×57cm)

Pixel pitch 4.82mm is also our indoor LED screen where we have up to 250 Sq.mtr. The minimum viewing distance will be 4 meters and can be used for events such as Gala Dinners and Weddings.

P8 LED Screen (64cm×64cm)

Pixel pitch 8mm is our new outdoor LED screen. Great Wall Events can offer up to 250 Sq.mtr screen with high resolution display and brightness.

P10 LED Screen (97cm×77cm)

Pixel pitch 10 mm is also for outdoor purpose where minimum viewing distance will be 10 meters. We have approximately 100 Sq.mtr of P10 screen at a very reasonable price.